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If I was going to do one I would make it a heavier barrel in 12 twist turning it down to .800" diameter about 8 inches in front of action. Then mount a Weaver 92A base on it and see through Weaver mounts holding a a NC Star 2-7X pistol scope and run the barrel about 22" out.

The last 1" of barrel at the muzzle I would turn to about .753 and get 3/4" chair leg protectors to install as muzzle caps in case you fall in the woods. Such would be much more comfortable to shoot and with good handloads should deliver 1" or less at 100 yards.

Cut the stock off and free float the barrel, bed the action and mill in a 03A3 rear sling swivel where you want to. It might not be pretty but you would be dangerous on 6" steel discs to nearly 400 yards with good ammo.
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