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shotgun shells

I am thinking this is a good start for doing reloads.

I have ordered a lee load all II from Bass Pro shop is on back order of course. i have also picked up a lb. of alliant smokeless powder along with a couple bags of AA wads and a few hundred 209 Remington primers.
I am thinking this is a good start for doing reloads.
what i will start with is one oz. lee key mole slugs i have made with wheel weights i may make some 00 buck at some point in the future but for now is 12 gage slugs.

What i guess I'm asking is to get all the information i can get such as how to set up the press and load info i can get... Where to get good deals on shell casings ect...i live in the Dallas area.

i have watched alot of videos on you tube but i trust you guys more. Help me get started. I have read load information but it wont include real world knowledge such as what kind of shells to use in place of another ect....
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