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My local gun shop seems to think it is just going to get worse. I was there this past weekend and was looking at some different powders. They had one that I want to use to load .45 ACP in a couple of weeks. I told him that I would pick it up closer to when I was going to use it. He said don't wait because it is just going to get worse.

He has very little inventory on guns and don't known when they will be getting any in. They did just receive a shippement of AR15's that they are putting out for sale this weekend. But the prices are outrages for these guns. His shelves are pretty well stocked with factory loaded ammo except for .38 Special and .22LR ammo that is all gone.

They still have a good supply of reloading components except for some powders are not in stock. So far they are not limiting the quanities that you can purchase of reloading supplies or ammo.
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