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New Ruger MK III, what to do first...

After browsing many online auctions, local pawn shops and gun stores, and seeing mostly high priced used and abused stuff, and being laughed at at the mention of ordering a new MK III or 22/45, I finally bought one. A local gun store had this new MK III target (5.5" bull barrel) in stock from way back when you could actually order a new one (months before the "panic"). I gave $400 otd for it and thought that was a pretty fair price for the times. I had originally set out looking for a 22/45 mainly because of the grip angle, but I'm not using it as a trainer for a 1911 or anything like that, and the more MKII's/III's I held the more I decided I liked their grip just as well. I just bought it today, havent even got to shoot it yet, but I'm already customizing it in my head. I think my first add-on will be new grips. I'm considering a Hogue rubber grip with the finger grooves and a left-handed thumbrest (yes, I know I shoot wrong-handed). I'm most likely going to disable the LCI, is there any use to nix the mag disconnect safety? And what would I have to do/buy to delete it? Also MK II/III owners, what have you done to yours, why, and was it worth it?

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