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I called Dillon today to place an order for 4 quick change setups and 2 additional die sets. While I had them on the phone I asked him about my above issue and was told that the only thing that would cause this is that I am not pushing hard enough to set the primers. He also asked what primers and brass I was using. He said that military brass is harder to set the primers in. They recommend the use of Federal Brass. He also said that CCI primers have a much harder cup and that makes them harder to set. He told me to just push really hard and don't worry about something breaking. He said if it does they would fix it. He said with the SDB there is really no adjustment for the shell plate. Just to verify that the screw holding it in is tight.

I went back and looked at the direction and there really is no adjustment to the SDB. Pretty much you take it out of the box mount it to a work bench and connect the powder system and you are ready to load. The only real adjustment is to the die's if you are using a different round then what they have it setup for from the factory.
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