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Yesterday, 7 briefs were submitted as amicus curiae for support of certiorari for appllants. My thanks to the Firearms Policy Coalition for hosting these briefs.

While I haven't had time to read everything (yet), I will make note of the opening statement by Virginia:

The Amici have an interest in this Court holding that the self-defense interest animating the Second Amendment’s individual right to keep and bear arms applies broadly beyond the confines of an individual’s home and that no government may condition the exercise of this constitutional right on a ex ante showing of cause. Because this Court’s interpretation of the federal constitutional right will affect the constitutional rights of Amici States’ citizens with regard to the federal government and with regard to other States as they travel, the Amici States urge this Court to interpret the scope of the right and to apply a standard of review to its infringement that will recognize the inherent right of all citizens of the United States to “bear arms” and so lawfully and effectually protect themselves from unlawful violence.
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