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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Actually, he is not. His comment:

Originally Posted by Jason_Iowa
Saying that selling guns at a profit makes you a dealer is not the case. If you are doing it as a livelihood that's a different thing.
is far too imprecise to be helpful.
That is incorrect. The comment help to correct the misperception to which it responds, that if one deals in firearms for a profit, one is a dealer. To that degree it is helpful.

Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
The courts which have looked at the question have identified multiple factors which would need to be considered by the trier of fact to decide whether or not a defendant was "engaged in the business."
That is correct, there is more than one factor to be assessed, not just whether one dealt for a profit. As I have noted, explaining those is helpful.

Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Really? What is the difference? Where is the line drawn? Do you have any clue what you are talking about?
Gratuitous lack of courtesy isn't.
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