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Creating brass from other calibers and general reloading tech

Just getting into reloading, well preparing, researching, and gathering equipment/materials.
So far I have acquired:
RCBS press
Priming tool
Powder measure
All the different shell holders
One set of dies for .308
Case trimmer for .308
Case lube
Digital caliper
Hornady book of reloading

Things I know I need:
Powder scale to calibrate powder measure
Vibratory case cleaner
Dies for other calibers
Cartridge blocks
Reloading bench - plan to build one
Components - powders, bullets, brass, primers etc.

I will be reloading several common calibers and 1 or 2 oddballs.
One of the odd balls will be 6.5 Creedmore. I've read here and other places that you can make the brass using 250 Savage or 22-250 brass.
Are there other calibers that can be used?
How do you take this brass and reform it to be 6.5 creed?
Do you just use the normal 6.5 full length sizing die or is there a special die to be used?

Also, I know reloading is a cautiously learned process and some keep their secrets/learnings to themselves, but are there any tips you have learned over the years that you would like to share?
Any sources for components you choose over the others?
Sources for dies and other equipment?
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