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I don't know if you are correct or not about the Olympics and Colt revolvers used. But it is not worth "discussing". I personally prefer Colts over Smiths but Colt did not fill every void. S&W made excellent revolvers and continues to manufacture excellent revolvers.

Except for Perazzi, all brands mentioned by you were forced by the market to outsource part of their production components, to remain competitive in the market. An example of this is the Randall, which is made by a team of craftsmen, and not by Bo Randall. These knives are not considered authentic Randall knives for collectors.
Bo Randall died. Randall knives are still collected. He has had a team of knife makers working for the company for years. Bo Randall when he was alive did not make every knife. A fair comparison are knives made by Bob Dozier. He does not make every knife and probably only makes a small portion of today's production personally. But they are still "Doziers" and have a very good reputation.
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