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Originally Posted by globemaster3
They all should have. But, they didn't. That's when I started believing about how deer see orange.

Don't get me wrong, I still think camo helps, and don't voluntarily wear orange during archery, but I am also not concerned about it during gun season.
The most recent research I've seen indicates that not only do deer not see Orange, or rather see it as another shade of brown, they also do not see small details beyond a distance of about 30 yards.

In other words, almost all of the currently marketed camo, with it's high-detail, dark-colored visualizations of various forest background, looks essentially like a solid color to any deer farther away than about 30 yards.

The most effective patterns, therefore, are those that have large patches of highly contrasting sections, or a light background with SMALL patches of dark colors. ASAT and the LIGHT COLOR version of the newer Scent Lock Vertigo being two examples.
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