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after reading the wiki info,,, it appears Engel & Co. is at it again..
it looks to have been introduced several times before..

keep throwing poo against the wall until it sticks..

This time however, the media and the anti's have the upper hand..
so it may just very well stick...
The media will always have the upper hand so long as it is a single minded far far far left agenda driven machine. The antis do not have the upper hand though.

They tried like heck for an AWB 2.0 and when it became painfully obvious that idea was DOA before the bill was even published you started to hear more and more talk about universal background checks and a little bit about just banning high capacity magazines.

Barring another Sandy Hook like event an AWB is probably on the back burner until after the 2014 elections. However the anti gunners can't go away empty handed into election season so they will go for the low hanging fruit, universal background checks, "enhanced" background checks and maybe stuff like the above banning specific firearms like the FN 57.
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