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It is the duy of the dispatcher to get a read on what crime is being committed which resulted in 911 getting called. It is the duty of the dispatcher to say, "...but simply carrying a gun isn't illegal." to the caller. They don't do that. They send a battalion of cops to the scene.

Not answering the cops questions isn't grounds for getting arrested, especially if you were legally OC'ing. One can use this to further their agenda concerning getting cops to stop hassling OC'ers

Who is going to get the cops to ignore OC, as they should, instead of abusing OC'ers by shouting orders and humiliating Terry stops? The OC'er who meekly complies with the orders and hopes to get let off with a warning? Or the guy who, through noncompliance, get the cops to go 'all in' and make what turns out to be a false arrest?
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