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Regal Theaters

I sent a message to them about their no carry signs (which carry weight of Law in Ohio) and this is what I got in return:

February 12, 2013

Dear <real name>:

Thank you for taking the time to communicate your concerns regarding our facility security policies. Please understand that Regal Entertainment Group, with the assistance of safety experts and law enforcement personnel, has developed policies and procedures designed to provide the safest environment for our guests and employees. Rest assured these policies and procedures are not designed with the intent to inconvenience or otherwise cause hardship to our guests. However, we believe these policies appropriate to assure the general safety of all guests and employees.

Please note all law enforcement officers, whether on or off duty, are exempt from our gun prohibition policy in the theatre, as long as they identify themselves as such either by display of a badge or other identification upon request.

Again, thank you for taking the time to advise us of your concerns.

Customer Relations Department
Operational Services
Regal Entertainment Group

I replied:

Thank you for your response.

Considering recent events in which the LAPD have gone into panic mode and are shooting innocent civilians at random based on nothing more than their driving pickup trucks, I believe that *your* trust in them which allows them to be armed while denying a lawfully trained and licensed individual to protect himself and his family is both irresponsible and dangerous.

Rest assured that I have both your business and our safety in mind. Bear in mind that the State of Ohio has already determined that I met or surpassed all requirements to provide for my own safety, yet you have decided to disallow my lawfully demonstrated right.

Please note that not only will I, my family and friends no longer do business with you, but as an individual and as a member of several of the largest firearm forums on the internet, I will both publicize your response and support a boycott of your businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to clearly state Regal Entertainment Group's lack of respect for individual rights. Best of luck in filling your theatres with law enforcement personnel.

Folks...if we don't all stand up to these self serving businesses they will continue to deny us our rights.

Thanks for reading,
Above is based on the opinion of a 20 year Small Arms Marksmanship and Training Unit USAF instructor with more than 30 years in competitive shooting sports. Your mileage may vary.
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