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Yep, tax payers that will get tired of their law enforcement not knowing the law, or breaking it, and costing them money.

And do what? Complain, write a nasty email?

Simple thing is guy files law suite, Judge slaps guy with fine for being a fool. Guy's fine pays for wasted tax payer dollars dealing with fool.

I was not raised to look a cop in the face and ignore his questions or refuse to cooperate with him. These guys all went in wearing their guns, fine. Someone calls the cops, fine, the cops come to check things out. That is their job guys. And this guy want's to be a fool and refuse to cooperate while the cops do their job.

Shoulda had his head thumped for being an idiot.

If any of you are one of these guys who open carries and has a buddy with a camera while you try to make a cop look bad while you push his buttons staying just inside the law yourself. Then you are part of the problem. I'd thump you on the head myself as a citizen.
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