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It may have changed, but for the first couple of days, every news story description of the guy did NOT mention he was black, African-American or any other reference to his skin color/ethnicity. Gave height and weight, hair and eye color but perhaps remaining politically correct did not mention he was black. Of course, the photos show him clearly as a black guy. But I'm betting there was a deliberate non-statement of ethnicity.
It doesn't matter what the news/media description of him was, every police officer was briefed on the guy and knew exactly who he was and what he looked like down to his eye color. But clearly that doesn't mean a thing, since they cant even distinguish the colors of cars. How they had mistaken a pearl blue truck for gray blows my mind. And California is worried about it's citizens carrying and owning guns? The police officers are not only unable to properly identify targets, but are god awful shots to boot. Good thing it doesn't rain much in California, because the roofs in that neighborhood are riddled with bullets.

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