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Isn't that technically not a barrel bushing? I always thought the barrel bushing was in the slide, not on the front.
With most guns, it's both visible on the front, and extends into the slide, surrounding the first inch or so of the barrel inside the slide. If they aren't meant to be removed as part of field stripping, then there's no need for a "flange" on the front to assist in removal.

With 1911s, the removable bushings must be unscrewed and removed from the front -- the part that is visible on 1911 may require a special tool. With the CZ-97, its hand tightened, but looks something like the one shown in the photo. For the standard CZ or BHP, the bushing is not meant to be removed (doiing so is not required as part of disassembly), can be seen, but is permanently locked in place.
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