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Wear a T-Shirt with a really big bulls-eye on it. It's symbolic on so many levels.

First, the schools' gun-free zone has now made you a target.

They have you up there to be a target. Whatever you say is going to be used against you.

Look, it may not be this bad but it might be worse. How will you handle them trying to snipe you with statistics that you don't have the resources to verify or refute at hand.

People do not want to have a discussion. They just want whatever it is they want. If they want you up there, just someone "off the street" to face off against their pro-gun control Sheriffand people with "Dr. in front of their names", then yes, you should get that shirt. Cause what they want is a target to snipe at. and one guy's 1-2 minutes is not equal to 4 other panel members' combined 4-8 minutes.

I hope it doesn't go this way but keep it in the back of your mind.
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