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I've been fortunate in this case (pardon the pun) that the fired cases seem all to need both "bumping back"and TTL to fit a Wilson gage properly (these will be fired in a Garand). I think the barrel of a 1919 still has pressure as the cases begin to extract. In fact, I need to turn defects off the rims for the cases to drop in of their own weight. I'm planning on reaming the Garand chamber to +0.002" or so.

One minor anecdote about cylinder brass. Based on the research available to me (late '70s or so), I attempted to form .45-75 Win. from Bell's Sharps basic brass. I split at least two form/trim dies before RCBS told me to blow-out and shorten .348 Win. I felt a little silly about that.

BTW, I made a die holder (the die acted as the fire forming chamber) that had a rudimentary "bolt" and firing pin, loaded some fast powder and sealed it with some kind of fluffy stuff (I think it might have been Cream of Wheat).
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