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To add to my story (for anyone still AWAKE)

A nice guy from our little forum here in Oklahoma saw my crying over the fact that I couldn't find any of these slugs and mentioned that me might have seen them in one of his haunts, and said he'd stop by to see if they had any. And they DID, four boxes of them! He bought them and shipped them to me and best I can tell, he tried his dangdest to charge me TOO little for them.

If that wasn't enough, he sent me a little package out of the blue with some .32cal slugs he had casted himself -- absolutely gorgeous bullets in three different flavors, one of them with gas checks on 'em!!!

Lemme tell you, if I ever get a hold of THAT guy, #$%#&$!

Thanks, Rusty, if you are still out there!

Heckuva guy.
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