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I would like concealed carry with no penalty for printing or flashing.
Move to Arizona.

A guy in Wisconsin was robbed and his gun stolen specifically because he was open-carrying. Exercising his right to open carry made him a target.

When I was younger and worked part-time as a security guard to supplement my meager Army income, I was moved to different posts and then they settled me into working at a liquor store. One day a dude walks in, he is holding his hand up in the air, wait, something is in his hand, what is it? Wow, it's a gun in a holster.

Yup, this dude got at least 6 steps inside before I could cognitively recognize that he had a gun held up in plain sight. I knew all the guys at the registers had guns in easy reach. Now I knew what my real job was, I was a paid for pop-up-target so they wouldn't get shot. I quit really fast.
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