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Today is the day - T Minus 4

Tonight is the State of the Union Address and we will hear the arguments for limiting 2nd Amendment rights in the name of public safety. We will hear statements that the conservative wing of our government must do the right thing and pass comprehensive gun control legislation. As Gene Hoffman of the CalGuns Foundation said at the close of the trailer, “It’s not about being a republican. It’s not about being a democrat. It’s about respecting the Bill of Rights.”

Help us finish this film to teach that the 2nd Amendment is a civil right and must be respected as such.

To do that, we must work together to see this campaign funded. We’re just under 50% of our goal, which means we have the ability to make our goal by applying the following simple steps:

1) Donate if you haven’t.
2) Double your donation if you already made one or
3) Have a friend match your donation.
4) Share this project link on Twitter and on your Facebook today and everyday until Saturday night.

Today is the day to "double or match"!

Thank you,

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