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What to do with worn-out rifle?

I've disassembled -except the magazine- and thoroughly cleaned my Grandfather's Savage 99 (in 300 Savage).
The barrel has minimal rifling with soft, rounded edges on the lands. It also has a pitted chamber and some dents or pits at the muzzle end in the grooves of the rifling. Near as I can tell he put 56 rounds thru it (He kept the boxes and the empty cases) but he probably bought it used. The rifle hung over the stairs to the basement of their home in rainy Washington state. (the stock bolt was really corroded)

I'm working up some handloads and giving thought to what to do if I cant get it to shoot properly.

During the 1960's there was a push for rural folks to use an engraving pencil to mark their stuff for recovery in case of theft. My Grandfather did this. He engraved his SSN on the receiver, the buttplate, and the scope.

So what does one do with a rifle that won't shoot well, and has an SSN marked on it in several places?

I guess I could engrave the SSN to all 8's. But if the rifle won't shoot it's not worth much to anyone else.

Is rebarrelling a viable option?

Take the firing pin out and make it a wall hanger?

Sell it out as a parts gun?

Looking for some ideas.
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