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I could also say that pistols like HK P7 M8/M13 or Walthers P88 also are not good because they are no longer manufactured, right?
Not what I said. Please read for comprehension. I was stating that anything that is the "Rolls Royce" of revolvers would not have voluntarily been removed from a companies production line. Those guns you mention were never hyped up half as much as a Python, although of course, they're nice guns, AFAIK. You can come up with any excuse you want for Pythons, but the "Rolls Royce" credit trumps any cost or manufacturing issue that you can come up with. In other words, if the "Rolls Royce" rep was true, then there would be a dedicated group of buyers, and many others saving their pennies and dimes to have something that is the "best". The only thing left to explain what happened to the Python is that the claim "Rolls Royce" is false, and a stretch, to say the least. When you look at it that way, you can understand why they didn't sell as well later, and why Colt stopped making them. Also, in a lesser respect, why they were more money to build. Partly it was due to hand fitting, and partly due to the antiquated design. If they would have modernized it some, perhaps they could have overcame that issue. Since they didn't even explore that option, one must wonder why Colt would make this blatantly "wrong" choice to discontinue the best DA revolver ever made.

Think about other things which are to some the best in their field: Mercedes, Rolex, high end shotguns such as Perazzi, Randall knives, and the list goes on. What do all of these things have in common? High end, expensive, and STILL IN PRODUCTION. These companies and products lived up to their hype / rep, and so their companies still can profit from manufacturing the said item. I don't mind if you like your Python, but I take exception to false claims based on inexperience or misunderstandings. Afterall, the myth became strong partly due to people repeating claims such as yours, which have very little evidence to back them up.

In a globalized economy, there is something called manufacturing cost, which became unprofitable firearms manufactured by forging and machining, such as Python.

In addition, the North American shooter, unlike the European, not acquires firearms based only in quality, but primarily based on cost benefit.
Thats just a wives tale, an internet based excuse, and a farce to say the least. If the gun was the best available, the customers at the time would have agreed with you. You are basically saying that while the Python was in production, no one knew how great it was, and then, like finding a fossil in the earth, we "discovered" after the extinction, that they were the greatest. A lot of logical holes there, wouldn't you say?

All I can say is the during heyday of "Bullseye" matches in UIT -now called International Sporting Shooting Federation - ISSF, the Colt revolvers ruled. They simply shot better than the Smiths.
I think you are forgetting about all of the people who disliked the colt stacking trigger, which goes back to the secrets behind the Python myth. With the amount of different S&W models, the model 17, 14 and 27 and even the 52 were well represented. Some people shot Pythons better, and some shot Smiths better.

The blind as those who will not see.
If I'm blind to this issue, then you sure have a lot more explaining to do, to say the least. Repeating Uncle Billy, or something someone posted on a forum about a Python their cousin had doesn't add anything to the thread.

Did you ever notice it sure seems like many people who criticize the Colt Python are people who own many revolvers, and who are usually well experienced with revolvers. In contrast, many people who say the Python is the top own a glock and remington 870, and have no experience with S&W, Dan Wesson, etc. Is that a coincidence?

Here is a thread on the Colt forum about the Python. Many Colt fans seem to agree it doesn't live up to its hype. So think about it, even Colt collectors see a disconnect between a Python and its rep. Even on the colt forum, the Python was criticized. Does that register to anyone?
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