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With the Fresh change in the SO's and this being the New SO's first run on that stage, he probably was not totally up to speed on the Course of Fire.
As most Stages do not Back Track, the SO got caught not realizing how fast the Contestant was going to move.
The New SO should have been up to speed on the COF so he could tell the shooter what he/she was to do if they needed clarification, and then stage himself to be able to stay out of the Contestants road when negotiating the COF.

I could see how this could have happened.
The New SO probably did not help setting the course up, or if he did he was just moving Props and Target Stands where someone had him move them. He had been working all day signing up shooters and adding up the scores, Or working the Cook Shack, etc. The New SO got finished or at least caught up with what ever Job he was doing and took over for the SO needing to shoot. On this first run the New SO did not anticipate the speed of movement, so he did not stage himself back far enough to stay behind the shooter when reversing the COF.

Someone being Creative, and trying to make a Stage more Interesting set the stage for this safety issue.

When we have a stage where the shooter starts facing Up Range I always ask which direction the shooter will turn. Also make sure they are reminded to not draw until facing down range. This helps keep everyone safe.

If we were running this Back Track Stage as the SO I would have explained the Course of Fire, and reminder the Contestant to watch the muzzle direction when backing out of this "Simulated Hallway". I would have also been back behind the contestant far enough to stay out of his/her road when Back Tracking the Course.

The SO would have to be on his toes to stay out of the road on this Stage. The SO could have been very close to the contestant when he was Engaging Targets. As soon as the last shot was made, the Contestant was backing out at full speed On The Clock. The Contestant could be behind the SO in a Fraction of a Second if the SO was beside him when they reversed directions.
Lots of SO think they need the Timer to catch every shot, when the Last Shot on a Stage is the one that counts. If the SO were beside the Contestant when the last shot broke it would have been a foot race backing out of the course. We have a couple shooters you would not out race even with a 6 foot head start.

The new SO was probably just caught flat footed not anticipating the speed of the Contestant, and also not normally doing a Reverse on a Stage.


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