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I am a Club President at a fair sized Sportsmans Club.

We are picking up new shooters every match.
Our regulars normally make 3 or 4 runs through the Handgun or 2-3 Gun Course. Most have cut back to one or two runs with Centerfire, or switched to rimfire.

We have a Rimfire Division in 2/3 Gun and our Defensive Pistol Matches. It looks like rimfire is picking up more, due to folks hanging on to centerfire ammo.

Last match a couple regulars who have been buying match ammo commented that they had gotten their reloading equipment dusted off and sorted out after not using it for years.

Myself I will shoot my Rimfire AR Upper in 2 Gun, and hang on to my 223 ammo. I always shoot an entry in rimfire in our Defensive pistol match. I have enough components to keep my 38 running till the shortage is over.

I think some Clubs need to do some thinking about Rimfire. All that is required is to put the steel away, and shoot all Card Board Silhouettes, and rimfire works just fine.

We shoot Steel Challenge one month, and a Defensive Pistol Match the next month. Our Defensive Pistol Match is loosely based on IDPA. We shoot all IDPA Silhouettes, with No Steel. We have a Rimfire Division, and also a rimfire BUG can compete in BUG Division which shoots on the same course of fire as the rest of the match.

How we handle a 5 shot 38 in BUG is by not counting the 6th shot Not Fired as a miss. We shoot 12 Round Stages with either 2 or 3 shots per target. A J Frame 38 is only scored on 10 shots fired, not 12. This works fine, and is no problem to score.

I see our 50 Yard Rimfire Bench Rest picking up a great deal. I am starting to see Rimfire Match Ammunition loosen up a little also. No problem finding Eley Teem, Black Box Match, or Red Box. I even found some SK Match in stock.
Most of our shooters were shooting Wolf MT/SK Standard Plus before. They will just pay a little extra and move up to Eley Black Box Match which a local dealer has in stock. If the scores come up with better ammunition, they may not go back to SK Standard Plus when it is back in the supply chain again.

Not sure how our Hi Power Matches will do. At the moment no slow down. I am guessing the high end match bullets will be back on the shelf before most start to run low. Powder and Primers might take longer to get back on the shelf.

I am sure the total round count fired in matches will be down some in 2013.

It would be handy if some would quit buying all the ammo and components up they can find to jack up the price and resell it. This is causing a lot of the shortage, and hi prices.

Like Kraig in Wyoming said it is better not to get caught with your drawers down in the first place. Kraigwy and I are on the same wave length on most issues.

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