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Not 100% true about the ways of the theater. My sister was a theater design major in collage and for the last 10 years she had moved on and continued to run the department as well as work with larger theaters and movie production.

You would not BELIEVE the lengths her dull whited "bosses" go to for "props" that are ridiculously out of spec (and historical correctness) when the correct weapon can be readily had. When doing a full blown over the top theatrical production of little woman, her producer said in a prop and wardrobing pow wow that "it does't matter what kind of "gun" the the officer has! he should have a rifle for more dramatic impact!" He proceed to pay through the nose (by that I mean he paid more than a real original rifle could be bought) and ordered a train wreak of a down right pathetic "non working replica-movie grade, rifle, brown bess" For a union civil war officer to carry!? From a prop warehouse in California.

Needless to say...the same goons would pass a well made Italian 51 colt navy for $150 to buy a poorly made mutly resin franken pistol for three times that out of pure ignorance.

I wouldn't doubt looking at those that they could of been prop guns.
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