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We should not have to wear orange, but unfortunately a small percentage of hunters who are idiots make it a necessity.
It doesn't take an idiot to accidentally shoot something they don't even know is there. Fact is that shooters can and do miss, bullets do go thru critters. If you're on the other side of that critter and not wearing orange than it's 100% on you if you get your ass shot. Not on the guy pullin the trigger. The idiot is the guy not wearing orange.

Seems silly to put on a full set of camo clothes and then plunk an orange hat on your head, (100 sq inches) but that's what AL requires in areas open to gun deer huntng.
Yep pretty silly. But then again for most hunting putting on a full set of camo is silly all by itself. It's not the orange that's over rated it's the camo you put underneath it.
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