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I have been to many gun shows myself and this is my interpretation only; You would be in violation of the law if you buy and sell firearms repetitively at different shows as your MAIN source of income and livelihood, as stated in Section 921

Sure glad you're not a lawyer... you best take some advice from ^^ above, as your opinion would be laughed outta court anywhere, anytime....

Seems you have read:

"with the principal objective of livelihood and profit "


"with the objective of principal livelihood and profit"

Being "Engaged in the Business" versus "Hobby Collector improving his collection" is like defining the difference between pornography & fine art nude photography. You might not be able to write down the differences, but anyone looking at it can tell the difference. Don't be the one to stick out as a dealer without a license. As Frank says, it's the totality of the effort that is the holistic "thing" that is going to be presented to a Grand Jury. Folks are not as stupid as they seem, and it's your peers that are going to be the ones deciding if it's pornography or art.



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