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Thanks for the good info Etten...that took a little time to put together?

I do think that a business dealing in Firearms is under a little more scruttiney than say a nail salon. Background checks, Federal forms, inspections - you are dealing with the Federal government more then if you moved a few cases of hair spray to customers.

That said, the line or number is not clear or if that is a State thing since your business must be registered with the state.

I think it comes down to common sense. We all have bought or sold a few guns here and there, but this person was buying and selling at a good pace which is not in the normal realm of gun collecting.

I am even limited in my county of 1 gun a week or the dealer has to send some additional form to the Feds that they did NOT want to do. So when I ordered two guns at once, I had to wait for the second week for them to send in the 2nd gun form so it was under the radar.

So if I have to do all that just for (2) little handguns, you would suspect that the person who thinks they can run around buying and selling 15 guns at a time should very well have thought to get all the licenses and insurance that is needed.
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