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strange & crazy times... 22 lr, 22 mag, 25 auto, even 32 auto... really ???

does anyone else find it strange that so many mouse gun calibers are suffering from the same shortages as common stuff??? I mean, I get the 9's, & 223's.... but really don't get the 22's, & mouse gun calibers...

I'm finishing up my walk in gun safe, & displaying alot of guns that have been put away for a long time... among those, a bunch of vintage Czech 32 & 380 autos, as well as my several 25 acp's... been trying to put together some ammo for these guns, since they are now fresh in my mind, & can't believe that 25 acp bullets ( for example ) are out of stock for months, as are anything related to 32 acp ( who shoots 32 acp ??? why the demand ??? )

does anyone else find it strange that this stuff is out of stock... primers are bad enough, but when you can't buy 22's or brass for 25 & 32 acps... strange world we're living in
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