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I owned a Mod 608 in 357 magnum. Eight shots of .357 magnum, built into a large .44 mag frame. Due to the weight, and the ported barrel, it is easy to shoot, even with the hottest .357 magnum loads. I gave this gun to my son a few years ago and he still has it and shoots it. No problems or issues what-so-ever.

I also had a Taurus 922, a 9 shot 22lr revolver. It had problems with extracting the empty shells after firing. Perhaps some honing & polishing of the cylinder chambers would have taken care of the problem but I ended up trading it in.

The general consensus among shooters I know, is that Taurus makes decent revolvers, especially in their Raging Bull series. I've also heard many positive comments about their 1911 series. I have heard mostly negative comments about their Millennium series. However a good friend of mine has a Taurus 9mm in the Millennium series and has never had any problems or issues with his.

You may buy a Taurus and have great luck with it or you could have some problems. I purchased a Kahr and had lots of problems with it. Any manufacturer is capable of spitting out a lemon once in a while. I think it all comes down to one's own budget. If an economically priced gun is what your budget allows, by all means get into the game. Start shooting and enjoy.

If your life is going to depend on it though, I would choose a Glock, Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig Sauer, Ruger, H&K, Beretta etc.
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