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I think my 1895 is Spanish made, & like the OP, mine did not group well with modern factory ammo... mine was worth saving, as it had been ( what looked like ) professionally sporterized years ago, turned bolt handle, jeweled bolt, replacement adjustable trigger, & a nice replacement stock, & been drilled & tapped for a scope base, & probably reblued, as it's very nicely finished...

I picked up a new 7mm magnum "take off", Remington 700 barrel from the guy that sells them in Shotgun News for around $100 & I had my retired machinist buddy rechamber the barrel back to 7 X 57 with a shorter throat than on the original barrel, to better fit the lighter bullets... while he had the rifle I had a cock on open kit installed...

have yet to get it out to punch some paper, but every indication, is that it'll be a tack driver... BTW... the rifle is very solid, & I have a 7 mag, so I don't have any reason to hot rod the 7 X 57... expect it'll shoot great, for much longer than I'll be around... total cost... around $225 for the rifle as I bought it, a couple $100 for the scope, $125 for the barrel & cock on open kit, $75.00 to my buddy to do the work... total net cost $625.00 but worth every dollar as far as I'm concerned
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