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People keep saying that, and yet it's not true.

The bit about "people never talk about their good guns."

I've had any number of good things to say about CZ, for instance, and about Matt Mink's gunsmithing on CZs. For that matter, I've written posts praising the customer service at Angus Hobdell's CZ Custom Shop.

I think very highly of Bob Hunter's work, and have posted about it.

On the gear and accessories side, I have posted many times about the quality of Andrews Leather.

I've written good reviews of Dan Wesson, SIG, even Glock - which I personally don't like but the guns work very well; I've done positive write-ups on FN and Beretta. I've noted issues I've had with S&W and Ruger, but also noted that in each case, the factory took immediate and decisive care of the problem.

If you check out the various brand threads, you will find there are a lot of people like me.

So, what you might say is that you, personally, don't normally bother to write unless you have a complaint. Don't project that to include me, thanks.
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