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Going to look at the PT740 today. Seems the only guns that appeal to me these days (other than the HK USPC and 290RS) are Tauruses.
Tristar, just a small warning with the 740Slim: it has a much stouter recoil than the 709 because it is a 40caliber in the same exact profile.

I owned both the 740 and 709; I bought the 740Slim first in Stainless silver slide and although I loved that pistol, the recoil was too much in my opinion being such a light and slim handgun. I sold the 740 and a week later bought a 709Slim in black. The 709's recoil is much more manageable, so if you already have the 709 I would just stay with that. With the 740, you also lose 1 round capacity; the 709 is 7+1, while the 740 is only 6+1.

I loved both pistols. The only difference really was that the recoil of the 740 felt too much for me, and I was more comfortable shooting the 709.

Just my 2c. you can still buy the 740Slim if you really feel compelled to get a larger caliber than 9mm. I initially bought my 740Slim because I also had a Smith and Wesson M&P40, so i had 2 pistols that shared the same caliber and it was easier to stock up on the same ammo.

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