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another Christmas chrono story!

Some of you may recall me posting earlier that my great pet .270 load using a 110 Sierra specifically for the purpose of solidly exceeding 3000 fps, when shot through my new Christmas chrony, was found to only be doing 2850!

As the prime weeks of deer season was not an ideal time to be load testing and developing, I put off working with the .270 and kept hunting.

But the season is now well over and I worked up some cases, dumped in more powder and ended up with 58g of IMR 4350 yielding an average of 3175. I can rest easy now knowing that I have a 3000 fps plus deer load.

While I was at it, I ran bamaboys and I's IDPA load of 5.1 gr of Unique and a 115 FMJ or Berry's plated through the screens, and got a very satisfying 1175avgerage for my pistol and 1125 for his, solidly within the power factors.

I have used my new chrono exactly twice now, and both brief episodes yielded valuable information, that I could not have obtained otherwise.

Guys, you need a chrono, and these days there pretty affordable!!!
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