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I'm somewhere in the middle. I have only owned 1 Taurus, it was a blued model 66. From the first time I took it to the range the cylinder never cycled and sometimes required tools to un-jam it regardless of what brand or type of ammo I fired in both .38 or .357. I ended up trading it in for partial value on my XDm .40. I full well could have sent it in under warranty but the stories of their customer service I read online I decided I would rather have a different gun.

With that said I don't go out of my way to bash Taurus but I'm open about my experience to others if they ask my opinion. Someday I will probably own another Taurus, if that one's junk then I will be sure to let everyone know but if not then I'll consider the first experience an anomaly.

For those of you that care I'm like everyone else in the world, I took the time to post in this thread about my first poor Taurus experience but have not ever posted a thread about any of the 10 guns I have that function flawlessly every day. Only those with something bad to say take the time to say it, everyone else is out enjoying their fine working guns.
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