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Unclenick THANK YOU. That’s the type of advice I’m looking for. Some of what I meant to type was misunderstood, but regardless the info is wonderful.

The misunderstanding was mainly about the charge master pro. I had intended using that for powder measure and dispensing for trial runs with the precision bullets. I had meant getting multiple powder feeders on the progressive press once the right load is dialed in for each caliber. I’ve never changed a caliber on a press before as I was too young when I was helping my father reload pistol plinkers. I had thought you needed to change the powder measure too. I was unaware that the measures had such fine adjustments. I had thought they were a pain in the butt to set up.

That is very fair advice on reloading for friends. I will highly consider it and in all likelihood follow suit. It’ll save me money by having them buy their own ammo anyways. I may even get to keep their brass.

I’m not planning on doing ONLY precision. I enjoy plinking with the best of them. I’m a fairly decent shot at 300 yards and I’d like to push myself to 600 and eventually to 1000. Even so, I still like hitting tannernite from time to time. I’m a bit wary of locking myself into a single stage press at the moment. It wouldn’t surprise me if I go that route as I become a better shot.

I know I’ll need the pocket swagger and trim pro power case, however, I was also under the impression that you could prep your cases (sized, trimmed and deburred inside and out) before you put the shells on a progressive press. Is this an incorrect assumption? If so, why? This alone may push me towards that single stage press.

The benefit from going to a RCBS dye to the redding precision set was simply for a more precise setting (this is based only on the youtube video). I’m hearing from your response that while it may get the depth right, it may not get seated correctly. That, in and of itself, is reason NOT to have the RCBS -> Redding setup. If it costs me a bit of extra time, so be it.

The 15% number was randomly thrown out there for safety reasons and nothing more. I’ll consult the bibles before loading anything. I already have some of the books mentioned previously in my Amazon cart. I plan on reading them before I load my first round.

I didn’t list some stuff like dye wrenches because I had taken them as given.

May I ask your opinion on the hornady lock and load dye settings? Are they worth their salt? If not, how do you recommend changing dyes for each caliber without having to redial everything?

Once again, thank you for the information. I truly appreciate it. If you have anything else to offer I’m all ears.

Thanks so much,

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