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44 special target model of 1950 (pre 24) SN S127XXX which probably shipped in the 1954/55 time frame. I always wanted a 44 special, but I wanted a 5 screw version. I found this one online, and the rest is history. I added the grips from my S&W grip box. It has a few marks on it, but like many other S&W N frames, its a stunning revolver. 1 of only 5050 post war 1950 44 spl targets made.

44 magnum model (pre 29) 4 screw S177602 which shipped in 1958 to Pittsburgh PA. I actually bought this one in my state as well. I was later fortunate enough to find a correct sight tool and an original black presentation case which was the case used on 44 magnums prior to 1960. For me to get this gun, I had to have my friend over to help my wife while she recovered from surgery from a C section for my son. I drove several hours to get it, and the guy didn't want to sell, only trade, so I traded some guns off to get this one. I also had to cough up my half of $725 of gift cards me and my wife had saved to coerce her into my friend spending the day with her. At the time, they didn't get along. The previous owner of this 44 knew it was early and a special gun, but he was a military rifle guy, and simply didn't care. All is well that ends well, and this gun found a good home.

27-2 8 3/8 N36234 (top). That gun I actually decided to sell. It had some pitting, I needed some money, so I let it go. 27s with 8 in barrels are pretty uncommon since many people got shorter barrel guns to carry. Below that (middle) is a 27-2 6in N628195. This gun is special to me because it was my first model 27. It has a partridge sight, with the 3Ts, which was standard on the 27-2 after 1975. The gun above it has a standard trigger and hammer. On the bottom is a 28-2 Highway Patrolman 4in, N297959. A year or two ago, I met up with a guy to see some Colts he had for sale, and when he pulled this gun out, I had to have it. All original standard features (on many 28s, the hammer trigger and grips were upgraded later) and its in beautiful shape.

27-2 3.5 N434746. This 27 is in the sought after 3.5 barrel length. While the 3.5 in 27s are far from rare, just like many other guns, they are in high demand. Some #$%@head polished the hammer and trigger but other than that, this is beautiful revolver. I'd like to get a 5 screw 3.5in gun, but I don't want to pay a fortune just to have one.

29-2 N863864 6in. This was my first N frame. Its well kept and I was fortunate enough to get a presentation case for it. I nearly sold it not long after I first got it, but I'm glad I never did. This one I've shot quite a bit, along with its twin, the nickel 27-2.

In conclusion, one could not ask for a better revolver than a N frame S&W...

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