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film short research(1858/1863pocket/Rogers&Spencer)

I'm doing some research for a film...Which is the 'easiest' (read-most cinematic) to change cylinders, the Remington/Pietta New Model (1858), the Remington/Pietta 1863 Pocket, or the Euroarms Rogers & Spencer? I've handled a New Model Army by Pietta that seemed a little difficult to unlatch the ramrod but not allow it to go into the cylinder, half-cock it so the bottom 'dog' exits the notch in the side of the cylinder, and ? to get the spur to exit the back of the cylinder, all the while trying to pull forward on the 'wedge' of the spindle/shaft of the cylinder...all at the same time??? I've never touched the 1863 Pocket or the Rogers&Spencer.

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