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I had one and traded it off years ago towards my 45. I let it go for under $300 with 3 12 rd mags... erggg. It was accurate and fairly reliable with S&W and marlin mags. With ball it was perfect but i noticed some hp ammo had defored tips when uloading a live round that had cycled. It is blowback operated and gets dirty quick. Bolt hold opens start to stick within 500 rounds and some guys take them out for that reason. You may want to get an extra plastic buffer because I read they crack. My started developing cracks in the wood stock at the back of the action. Knowing what I do now I would have coated that area with epoxy to stop the cracking problem. I liked it but overall, my PC carbine is a much stronger and more reliable gun. For $300 today if in good shape I'd say buy it. Your buddy probably had bolt hold open sticking problems which as I said can be curred by taking it out or frequent cleaning.
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