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agreed, it's hard enough to try to get some FFLs to give their information to you so you can ship a gun to them without a license, such a practice is completely legal yet I have had several FFL holders insist that you MUST have a FFL to ship a gun and to not do so is illegal.

it saddens me to say it but many FFL holders don't even understand how their own license works, no less how a license that they haven't had cause to research works.

yes you can buy a remington model 30 with your C&R license but since most FFLs that deal with C&Rs mainly deal with military surplus rifles it is kindof an oddity to have someone ask to buy a pre 64 winchester with a C&R, it is not what they are used to dealing with and the knee jerk reaction is to just say no and make them do an FFL transfer. it is not right but good luck re-educating the several thousand FFL holders across the US.
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