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I really like the idea of the two shot 'Mozambique' if that is really what it is. I mean after all its a .41 Magnum with full magnum 210 grain Gold Dots. One in the wish bone, one in the teeth should work. Even slowing the whole exercise down to 2 seconds, for two shots, should be rapid enough, especially if one draws from concealment and has the element of surprise.

I know its becoming a bit of a cliche, thanks largely to the internet, but Clint Smith is fond of saying, how he's never seen a timer IRL gunfight. If a man drew a .357 Mag, .44 Special, .41 Mag, etc from concealment and fired one shot at the sternum and one at the head of a Bad Guy and it all happened in about 2 seconds... chances are that it could work to extricate ones self from a tight spot.

The two shot drill might work with any handgun round. Any of the ones picture above will penetrate to the heart/spine and brain. A two shot 'Mozambique' might work if the chips are down.

Some might be asking why take the head shot too, why not just shoot center mass. Its because handgun rounds are puny, in the whole scheme of things, all of them. It takes time for even a shot through the heart to have an effect. When the other man is holding a firearm in his hand, switching him off with a brain shot is very desirable, even though as Mr. Borland intimated, its sometimes a low percentage endeavour. Which is why one shoots COM first, to guarantee a hit, with one or two shots, then you go for the head. Having it all happen in as short a time frame as possible, is also desirable for obvious reasons.
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