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Yeah, I can't justify 5K for a mere rifle either--that's why I'm hoping a functional facsimile can be cobbled together from a (far) cheaper parts kit. References to these rifles are scant on the internet, indeed, they're the most obscure rifle I've ever looked into for sure (that last was the Evans Rifle, so that's saying something ). Interest is sparse, but seems consistent. Like clockwork, there's some guy saying he's gonna make flats/receivers about every other year, and constant pleas from parts kit owners to make it happen

At least a few people have met with success (how they met 922r remains a mystery to me, though...) so it can be done with enough effort. Hopefully I can get the parts I need for <1K, and hopefully get everything hooked up for not terribly much more than that (I've always wanted a TIG, anyway). That's a lot of hope, but I have it in spades

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