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Cunningham and Ayoob have years of work recognized by several police officers around the world
Even when police officers still had revolvers, they mostly had S&Ws. I'm sure even you know that. Why pay more for less?

Please tell me your qualification because I'm curious.

By the way, I'm a Police Officer and a Happy User of Colt Pythons.
Well I guess I have no qualifications, because after all, its the internet, and how could you trust that I probably own more revolvers than you have guns, I read a lot, I own many books on revolvers and my opinion(s) came from experience, not my Uncle Billy who loves Colt and let me shoot his Python once. But then again, I could be a 13 year old with a vivid imagination... cause its the internet, and you just never know.

Most police officers know almost nothing about guns. Just like many dealers don't know a lot of things. Just because you carry an H&K, Sig or Glock, and you have to qualify once per year, does not mean you know anything about this subject. I suppose you enounter a lot of naive people who assume you know revolvers because you carry a polymer auto; well I'm not most people.

If they were as good as you say, why would Colt cease production? Its like a mystery, until you think about it...
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