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Chris in va, or anyone, what is bushing?
What is it's purpose?
I'm not Chris, but...

The bushing (barrel bushing) is a bushing that holds the barrel snugly in the slide. On 1911s, it contributes to accuracy when they are properly fit to the barrel.

Most CZs have bushings, but they're FIXED in the slide, and not removed when disassembling the slide and barrel. Nearly all semi-autos have bushings, but only a few have easily removable bushings. With some guns, the bushing must be removed before the barrel can be taken out of the slide.

Most CZs lock up tightly from the REAR, with the barrel lugs and slide assuring a rigid lockup, or with a SIG-like fit at the rear as with CZ-40B.

They've obviously done something different with this new model.

Some guns use the removable bushings, some don't. Some very accurate guns have them, some don't. (I once owned a SIG P-210-6 that came with a proof target showning a 1.75" group at 50 meters [about 55 yards]; I'm not even sure that the bushing was separate from the slide on that gun. I never shot groups like that with it, but other folks could shoot it better than I could.)

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