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Alternatives to the Lee Auto Disk

I load pistol rounds on my Lee Classic Turret press. The Lee Auto Disk powder measure with the adjustable charge bar meters Unique pretty well on charges over about seven grains, but it is totally useless with smaller charges. Accuracy all over the place. I've already read all the threads here about this. I understand, it's the nature of the beast.

Win 231 does fine for all those smaller loads. But I like Unique. It works well on my larger loads, and I was hoping I could figure out a way to auto meter it better in small quantities.

I might try the Micro-Disk, but before I do anything, I thought I would throw out this question.

Is there some other maker out there that makes a powder measure that does better with small charges of Unique? And if so, would it be something that could be grafted onto the Lee powder through die?
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