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This is absurd. How did they fail to recognize that the truck was blue, not gray? Not only that, but the driver was supposed to be a 270lb black male, not two hispanic women. Talk about trigger happy. Some people should not be carrying a badge.

As far as the other incident

His pickup, police later explained, matched the description of the one belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner
So without identifying the target, they think it's OK to ram a police cruiser into any car matching the description of a wanted fugitive and then go as far as to open fire. I am absolutely disgusted.

I think it's time for California to up their training and qualifications to wear a badge and carry a gun. Maybe have them learn the color wheel, or have them play a few games of Guess Who, you know the board game where you have to guess the other players character based on sex, race, hair color, eye color... I have zero respect for law enforcement in that state if this is how they operate.

And we throw our soldiers in jail for this type of thing, but in alot of these incidents the officers get to go back to their job after the trial.

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