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James K
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C & R and military surplus

I would like to clear up what I see as confusion regarding C&R and milsurp.

Many military surplus guns are in the Curio and Relic category by virtue of being over 50 years old. But all guns over 50 years old are C&R, not just milsurp. As of today, that means any gun made before Feb. 11, 1963.

So folks with C&R licenses (FFL 03) may be missing out on a lot of guns by thinking only of milsurps. Sure, that Mosin-Nagant is a C&R item. But so is that nice S&W Model 19 made in 1962. Or that Colt Python made in 1960. Or that pre-64 Winchester Model 70 from 1959.

So take advantage of your C&R license. A lot more than milsurp can be shipped directly to you.

Jim K
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