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Reloader 17 in a 220 Swift? Yes, yes, and yes again! Wow

I'm working up loads for my 220, using the 60 gr Partition and IMR 4064 and it's not going that great. I can shoot the eyes out of a gnat with 55 gr Ballistic Tips, but the Partition is giving me fits. I've got some Reloader 17, which I believe has a burn rate not too far from 4350 (which I have none of), so I'm wondering if R17 will give better results than 4064. For years the 4064 has worked great with every bullet, so I never stocked up on other powders for that caliber. Can anybody help with min and max loads for R 17 in my Swift?

EDIT: I have now tried Reloader 17 in my 220 Swift behind the 60 gr Nosler Partition. Like I said, I could NOT get that bullet to shoot over IMR4064. Brian gave me a probable max load for R17 behind that Partition, so I dropped down below that and had a go. Let me tell ya...39 grains of Reloader 17 behind that Partition bullet put them into such a nice little group that I almost teared up. Wow! Never have I ever seen such a performance change from a powder change. And better yet, the POI was exactly and precisely where my POI is for the Nosler 55 gr BT and the Sierra 55 gr GK. I don't have to adjust diddly. It's a little early for the Wild Turkey, but I'm tempted.

Cases were partial resized. WW cases used, and CCI BR2 primers.

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