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.22 short or long in a Marlin 60?

I have a new Marlin 60 and I'm not surprisingly running out of .22lr ammo for it.

Getting additional ammo is a PITA.

Here is what the owner's manual says about shooting other cartridges out of it:

"WARNING: Your rifle is a self-loading .22 caliber designed for .22 Long Rifle High Velocity cartridges only (not Hyper-Velocity). Shorts, Longs, and Shot cartridges can be loaded and fired, but Marlin does not recommend them, as feeding wil not be reliable and damage or injury may result from their use."

Notwithstanding the foregoing WARNING, has anyone here shot SHORT or LONG .22 caliber out of their 60/795 to any great degree?

If so, would appreciate your comments concerning your experience/history with use of either or both of those cartridges in your firearm.

Thanks in advance!
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